I am now offering my ability as a studio musician to all of you. I would love to come into the studio and work with you as a multi-intstrumentalist, vocalist, and producer. Here is the coolest thing; I am really pumped to offer my skills by my studio in Holladay, UT. 


I can offer the following instruments/services in your studio, or in my own:
Guitars (Electric & Acoustic)
Vocals (3.5 octave range)

If I go into the studio with you, here's your cost breakdown:
$40 per instrument, per song (working as a instrumentalist/vocalist only)
$150 per track that I produce (working as a producer and instrumentalist as needed)
*Plus $ Travel Charges plus accommodations (only if necessary; I am a very reasonable person with accommodations)

If I record the tracks in my studio, here's your cost breakdown:
$40 per instrument, per song
$100 per track that I produce
$100 per track that I mix
$50 per track that I master

To record it to the best of my ability, I will have you send an mp3, wav, or aif file of the track as it stands, and an e-mail with directions of what you are in need of me to do. I do expect a 50% payment upfront. If you need help figuring out the expected cost, you can call or e-mail me and we can figure it out. I will then go in and record my passes at the song. It is fairly common that I will send a few options with some instruments that you can choose what you like, but if only one track is necessary, then I will simply send it. You will first receive mp3 versions of the track for your approval. If there is a concern, I will take another pass at it. Upon final approval, I will send you a link for final payment, and then I will send you individual wav or aif files of each track I have recorded for you, that will be very seamlessly added to your recording, prepped and ready to be mixed.

I am very excited to work with you.
(252) 258-5998