Chase is excited to share that 2020 will be an EPIC year. He is finally releasing the long awaited studio singles for "Lay Down In Traffic" & "Let's Dance" before the end of February, as well as his upcoming acoustic record "Just Me" releasing March 27, 2020. This record will be very stripped down, and will feature Chase sharing versions of his original songs in a way you typically hear on his 2020 tour. All of this music will be available here on as well as on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more!

Chase has recently loaded a bunch of Videos from Live Performances to his YouTube channel, that are most easily visited on his Video Page here on Please check out his videos, and like, comment, and even share them with friends. You can find Chase's Video Page by clicking on "Music" and a drop down will appear with "Videos".  If you have a video shot of a Chase Given performance, please e-mail us and let us know where we can share it with the world! 

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